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Benefits of dog walks for your Covid Canine

Many people are going back to school or to the office and are worried about what to do with their canine companions. Whether you had a dog before the pandemic happened or you adopted a puppy while quarantined, we offer daily dog walks to keep your pup happy, healthy and exercised.

Why You Should hire a dog walker:

  • It’s a chance to burn some energy. Even dogs who are active in the home need opportunities to get some exercise outdoors. If you have a nice fenced yard, just putting your dog outside does not mean she will take advantage of the opportunity to play and exercise! If we walk your dog while you are at work, we are giving her a chance to get some of the wiggles out so she will behave better at home and chill out when it’s time to relax and enjoy quiet time. Dogs who have excess energy are harder to train and keep under control in the home, and walking is a more reliable way for your pup to expend that excess energy than just going out in the backyard.

  • It’s healthy. .For most dogs, 30 minutes of physical activity each day is necessary and will help them lead healthy lives free of disease. Some dogs, such as working or herding breeds, need even more than an hour every day, so talk to us about the best walking schedule for you and your furry buddy. One thing is clear: sedentary dogs are more likely to become overweight dogs, which can cause a host of health problems, from hip and joint issues to heart disease, and a daily walk is a great way to keep those paws moving and help your doggie friend stay healthy!

  • It’s a chance to explore. Dogs love exploring the world, and new experiences keep their bodies and minds active. When we walk your dog, we are right there to support them if he/she comes across something that’s a little scary, and your dog can learn to adapt to new things that might be a little frightening to begin with. Walking in different locations is a great way to keep the adventure alive for your dog, because all the new sights, sounds, and (especially!) smells are interesting and improve your dog’s quality of life.

  • It builds confidence and trust. If your dog is often fearful or timid, walking every day can help her get a handle on her worries. Also, if your dog is able to explore new (and potentially scary) situations with us supporting and protecting her, she will be more likely to experience a confidence boost. All in all, walks help boost your dog’s self-confidence and strengthens the bond as a human-canine team!

  • It helps with digestive health and proper pooping. If your dog is inactive, he might experience constipation and inappropriate elimination. Walking is a good way to get the gears moving, so to speak. Also, exercise burns calories and may improve your dog’s digestive health as he trots his way to optimum health.

  • It reduces destructive behavior. If your dog has excess energy or gets bored in the home, certain problems often arise. Incessant barking, chewing on things that aren’t toys, and destructive behavior are all possible warning signs that your dog is bored and has too much pent-up energy. Walking is a chance to wear out your pooch and give her a bit of brain exercise (after all, exploring is good for your dog’s mind and can reduce boredom and anxiety) so that when you return home, she’ll be less likely to tear up the couch pillows, chew on your armchair or shred your newspaper.

Before you return to the world of cubicles, conferences and office space, reserve your daily dog walks with on of our professional, bonded and insured dog walkers.

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