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Why puppies need potty breaks

Hiring Super Paws Pet Care to give your puppy a potty break can provide peace of mind that your fur baby is being cared for and their needs are being met while you are away. Super Paws Pet Care can provide a consistent routine and schedule for your puppy, which can help with house training and prevent accidents. We also provide socialization opportunities for your puppy while you are away at work. When you sign up for potty breaks with Super Paws Pet Care it gives you the flexibility to go to work, study, or have other commitments without worrying about your puppy's daily potty needs. We can also provide additional services such as feeding, administering medication and dog walks. Should there ever be an emergency, we can provide immediate care for your pet and reach out to you or your emergency contact. Daily Potty breaks help to establish a regular elimination schedule for your new fur baby; they help prevent accidents in the house and can speed up the house-training process. Potty breaks can help to prevent behavioral issues such as marking or destructive behavior, they promote the physical and mental well-being of the puppy and give him/her a chance to release pent up energy and prevent boredom. Contact us today to schedule your meet and greet!

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